A while ago, Valve removed the Negev from competitive matchmaking whipe they worked out the mechanics of the weapon. In short, they dumbed down the accuracy, but additionally dropped down the price.

The Negev is still under the Heavy weapons buy menu, and is purchaseable as soon as the player has $2000 or more. That means you can have a Heavy Negev just after pistol round if you force buy!

In reality, unless you have super control of your bullet spread, the negev may not be for you. Most silver and nova ranked players tend to buy the negev for giggles and believe that it is a toy from Counter-Strike: For Kids. While still boasting serious power, with a 200 round mag and 2 clips, the negev is nothing short of a Team Fortress 2 replica of the Heavy Weapons Guy Natascha.

If you haven't played CSGO in a while, perhaps embracing your summer vacation because you are most likely off from school or on work vacation, hop in game and give the negev a spin!